Meet Patriot Crystal

Patriot Crystal is the Director of Operations at My Patriot Supply. In simple terms, she makes sure everything runs smoothly at our warehouse and with shipping - for us and for customers like you.

Let's dive right in and hear from her - all the technical details behind how she helps Americans get more prepared for emergencies.

MPS: How did you get started with My Patriot Supply? Describe your journey from there.

Patriot Crystal (PC): I started with MPS in 2012. At first, I was in our Patriot Seeds division. I started packing heirloom seeds, then packing our Survival Seed Vaults and Garden Kits.

Then, I moved over to our emergency food division, to help our processes become as efficient as our seeds operations were.

In 2013, we opened our state of the art facility in Salt Lake City, where I became Operations Manager. Now, I am Director of Operations.

I believe my success is because I love what this company stands for, self-reliance, which gives me the drive to constantly make what we do better.

MPS: What are the quality control practices like in the warehouse?

PC: The first thing we do is regularly pull samples of our products.

Each product has different quality control measures we take. But all are extensive.

For example, when we pull samples of seeds, first, we ensure all the seeds are in the right packages. We make sure the right seed varieties are in there. We weigh them to ensure the customer gets what they paid for.

One thing we stress in quality control is individual attention.

Each shipment goes to an individual or family, so we inspect it as if we were receiving it ourselves.

This comes into play especially with our survival food kits. Each kit is individually packaged, then the team lead hand checks every kit. The team lead makes sure that everything is packaged nicely, laid out face-up, and secure for long-term storage.

In a final quality control measure, each individual order - once packed - is checked by multiple people in the shipping department to ensure it goes out the door correct.

MPS: Do you have a personal connection to our company values of preparedness and self-reliance?

PC: Certainly. I grew up self-reliant.

My dad was an avid hunter, fisherman, and trapper.

We ate what we hunted. Mom and dad also grew 2-3 gardens per year. This kept food on the table. A lot of people might turn their nose at eating squirrel. But just because you can't buy it at the grocery store doesn't mean it's not delicious. We'd also have family picking and canning days where everyone would pitch in.

I remember going to check the traps with my dad. He explained that we could sell the furs or trade for what we needed.

Now, I use quite a few of our survival products. I will not use any water - period - unless it comes filtered from my Alexapure Pro.

That includes my drinking water, cooking water... I even give it to the dogs.

I also enjoy our foods quite often. It's easy and quick. My favorites are our Country Cottage Mac & Cheese, Traditional Fettuccine Alfredo and Heartland's Best Mashed Potatoes. They're just as good every day as they are in emergencies.

MPS: Since you said you often eat our foods, do you have any tips for "jazzing" them up?

PC: All of our foods are really good without adding anything. However, occasionally I will do some adding, like tossing in a few things from my garden.

I personally like cheese so if I am having any of our foods that have cheese I add a different variety of cheeses to it. With the Alfredo & Stroganoff, I will sometimes add meat. I add chicken to the Alfredo and beef with the Stroganoff. I haven't tried this yet, but now that we have the freeze-dried chicken & beef, that would probably work real nice.

As for spices & herbs, it would depend on a person's taste. Our foods are seasoned but can be jazzed up for taste. I like to put crushed red peppers in everything. So far it has done well in everything I've tried.

MPS: What's one big thing you wish our fans knew about your work at the facility?

PC: Well, that we truly care about customer experience. We don't speak with our customers directly, so our work has to speak for us. The packing, shipping, transport - that's the way we make a big impact on keeping people satisfied.

MPS: What are you most proud of about working for MPS?

PC: When I started for MPS, I just needed a job.

But what kept me going was the culture. I grew to love the principles our company was founded on - self-reliance, independence, liberty. I love our pride in making products here in the USA, sourcing our ingredients from American farms and so on.

It's why I put in 50 hours a week, not because I have to, but because I want to.

MPS: Do we have a process for ensuring our shipments are discreet?

PC: All of our shipping boxes are blank on the outside. There are no markings, pictures, nothing on the shipping box. Packing slips are placed inside the box so there is no chance for someone to look at that.

This keeps our shipments secure, safe from prying eyes.

MPS: Do you have any passions or hobbies outside work?

PC: I like to do anything outdoors. Moving to Utah has been absolutely wonderful. I specifically like to go hiking up in the mountains. Being away from all the noise and people is just so peaceful and relaxing!

Every Sunday I am trying to find a new trail for me & my dogs to hike. I also like to hunt & fish, though I don't do as much here as I did back in Indiana. I love riding motorcycles too. The mountains here make a road trip on a motorcycle amazing!

MPS: Any tips for those new to preparedness?

PC: Not to sound like a broken record because I'm sure everyone has heard this before, but it never hurts to be prepared. You can never over-prepare.

Whether you start big or small it is always better to simply start to be safe.

For new preppers, my advice is don't quit. I think once people have a few days stock of items whether it be food, lights, water, or other necessary equipment then they stop. That's not going to be enough for most emergencies.

Even if you just add a couple more items each month, you can never have too much. You never know how long a crisis will last. The way I look at it is I would rather already have my supplies than try to fight crowds/mobs/gangs when it probably is too late anyway. And money isn't going to help when there is nowhere & nothing to buy.

MPS: Thanks, Crystal!

We hope you found today's story to be insightful.

If you have a great story about your personal preparedness journey, we'd love to hear it and share it! Tell us here.

Have a great weekend! And please stay alert!


Patriot Scott


P.S. Watch below for a quick video of the MPS warehouse where Crystal makes it all happen.


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