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Preparedness Lessons from the Boy Scouts

Pouring Rain, Howling Wind and a Campfire: Lessons from the Boy Scouts

MPS advisor Grant Miller tells a tale from a recent Boy Scouts’ outing he helped lead. The lessons of getting a simple fire going in tough conditions and what it means for our preparedness journeys.

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Prepare for Adventure - A Unique Approach

Earlier this week, I had an interesting email exchange with a cousin of mine. Let's call him Seth for the sake of his privacy. Seth's a bit younger than me, but what he had to say was unique, insightful and wise beyond his years. I asked him if I could share some highlights from our conversation to loyal Survival Scout readers like you. He graciously obliged. I thanked him and told him that folks are always looking for a fresh perspective - especially when it comes to preparedness and self-reliance. A journey into preparedness Seth's preparedness journey started like a...

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Dustin's Story: At Peace on the Appalachian Trail

This Letter Brought Me to Tears - Here's Why A few nights ago I received an email. The contents of that letter touched me greatly, and is the reason I'm writing you today:   The email started out as a simple thank-you note from a man named Dustin. In the end, it turns out that I would be the grateful one. Here's Dustin's story:   Dustin wanted to let me know that he was a loyal customer of My Patriot Supply. He's also a long-distance hiker, currently walking and camping on the Appalachian Trail. He's been hiking and living off...

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