Survival Scout Tips — Drought

2018 Disasters in Review, How to Prepare for 2019

In 2018, we saw everything from widespread wildfires in California to a major volcanic eruption in Hawaii to devastating hurricanes on the East Coast and Gulf of the United States. Let's reflect on what we saw these last 12 months and learn how to prepare for 2019. 

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When the Government Shuts Off the Water

Imagine your local government telling you that the pipes in your home will no longer deliver water in a few months. That’s the reality for the nearly half a million residents of Cape Town, South Africa. How did this happen? Despite one of the world’s strictest water management policies, it was no match for a historic 3-year drought. All of the city’s water supplies come from six dams dependent on rainfall. After 2014, the dams stood full from good rains, but have decreased ever since. The city neglected to look for new sources to diversify its supply, and then Mother...

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