Survival Scout Tips — Nuclear

The State of our Nuclear Preparedness

“The United States is probably less prepared for any kind of nuclear detonation than it has been at any time since the Cold War,” according to Alex Wellerstein, historian of science and tech at Stevens Institute of Technology.

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Nuclear Near Miss? It's Happened Before, Too Often

“TO ERR...IS THE DESTRUCTION OF HUMANS.” If you read last week’s article on Starfish Prime, chances are you were already aware of the Hawaii false alarm that went out in the early morning hours Saturday, January 13, 2018. If you didn’t get a chance to read that article, you can find the link for it at the bottom of this article. Hawaiians woke up to this message on their cell phones, delivered by their state’s emergency mobile alert system: This alert was “revoked” 38 minutes later. Despite officials’ attempts to notify the public on social media of their mistake, they...

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Forming a Personal Plan for Nuclear Fallout

First, let’s take care of some basic terminology. Fallout can be the result of any nuclear event, meaning it could be from a weapon or a nuclear plant meltdown. Nuclear fallout is produced when a nuclear burst takes place sufficiently near the Earth's surface that dirt and dust are ejected high into the atmosphere and become mixed with the nuclear fireball. Generally, depending upon the weapon yield, this includes bursts below 5,000-foot elevation. The debris lifted by the nuclear burst drifts with local wind and the "fallout" is a visible return of this plume to the Earth’s surface. Fallout particles...

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