Survival Scout Tips — Salt

Salt: The Survival Essential in Everyone’s Pantry

Salt is a common pantry staple for many reasons beyond adding flavor to food. Read on to learn how salt serves a variety of purposes in survival situations.

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All About Salt & Preparedness

There are so many uses for salt it would be impossible to list them all. Salt has been valuable since the dawn of civilization. And it is necessary for food storage and preparedness. 

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Need Not, Want Not - The Top 5 Items to Hoard in Bulk

If you're a regular reader of our weekly Survival Scouts, you know that we always preach building a preparedness plan around the necessities of life. That means food and water filtration. Above all, these are the #1 items to have and hoard - and where most of your investment in preparedness should go. However, once you've started to secure those basics, it's a good idea to store some other key items - in bulk, if possible. Today, we're going to explore five of my favorite kinds of items to store in bulk. These will help you build your personal preparedness,...

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