Survival Scout Tips — Volcano

2018 Disasters in Review, How to Prepare for 2019

In 2018, we saw everything from widespread wildfires in California to a major volcanic eruption in Hawaii to devastating hurricanes on the East Coast and Gulf of the United States. Let's reflect on what we saw these last 12 months and learn how to prepare for 2019. 

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How to Prepare in the Event of a Volcanic Eruption

Whether you realize it or not, there are volcanoes everywhere. In fact, the American Geosciences Institute tells us that there are 169 active volcanoes in the U.S. alone. To put that in perspective, a 10th of the world's population lives within the potential footprint of volcanoes.

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Summer's Not Official Yet – But Crises are Already Boiling

Elizabeth Anderson digests the preparedness news you need to know before summer officially arrives. The prognosis is not pretty, but we are confident in our preparedness planning. Are you?

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A Primer on Volcano Preparedness

We had been observing lots of seismic activity – including hundreds of small earthquakes in Hawaii.

Then, shortly before press time, several fissures of constantly active Kilauea opened, spewing lava and toxic volcanic gasses.

We thought it would be high time to discuss this unique threat.

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How Can We Lose an Entire Summer?

Imagine for a moment how shocking this would be. 1816: The Year Without A Summer You wake up in July expecting a steamy Saturday afternoon relaxing in the backyard. The grill is fired up, the kids are ready to do cannonballs in the pool and yet, instead of hot weather, snow is falling. Seems impossible, doesn't it? What I just described sounds like something from Rod Serling's show, The Twilight Zone. Two hundred years ago, this scenario took place in our country. One major geological event in a remote part of the world that most people at the time never...

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