Survival Scout Tips — Wildfire

2 Timely Reminders That Preparedness Is Still Critical in 2020

From disasters in Puerto Rico to Australia, 2020 is off to a shaky start. It’s the perfect time to assess your preparedness situation and stock up on the essentials. 

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Key Disaster Advice from Survivors

From earthquakes to civil unrest, oftentimes we learn best from those who have lived through the worst-case scenarios. Discover key disaster advice from five survivors. 

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Planned Power Outages: What You Need to Know

Power company PG&E recently announced planned electric grid outages in parts of California. Learn more about how to prepare for these kinds of intentional losses of power.

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Wildfires and Air Filtration: How to Safely and Effectively Filter Your Air Supply

Breathing clean indoor air during a nearby wildfire is critical to staying healthy. Hazardous smoke drifts hundreds of miles over state lines. Be prepared with an air purification system should this happen again. And it will. 

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2018 Disasters in Review, How to Prepare for 2019

In 2018, we saw everything from widespread wildfires in California to a major volcanic eruption in Hawaii to devastating hurricanes on the East Coast and Gulf of the United States. Let's reflect on what we saw these last 12 months and learn how to prepare for 2019. 

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Rolling Brownouts Are Back as Emergency Plans Kick In

By now, pretty much all of us have seen the terrifying images of orange waves of fire ripping through California and other states across the western U.S. The situation is serious and a matter of life or death for millions.

But there’s a lot more going on here behind the devastating flames. 

The 106 large wildfires that are burning in 15 states as of August 9 may have far reaching effects that can disrupt your daily routine. You may have to kick in your emergency plan.

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Summer's Not Official Yet – But Crises are Already Boiling

Elizabeth Anderson digests the preparedness news you need to know before summer officially arrives. The prognosis is not pretty, but we are confident in our preparedness planning. Are you?

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