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Most-Read Preparedness Stories of 2018

While we’re only halfway through 2018, this volatile year has already seen significant developments that seriously affect folks like us who prepare.

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Emergency First Aid and Medical – Preparing Ahead is Critical

In an emergency situation, we all know we need food, water, shelter, air to breathe. All of these are necessary to keep us alive and healthy.

But what if we’re not healthy? If you or anyone in your crew is injured, sick or worse, everything else you’ve prepared won’t matter if you can’t attend to the medical need.

This week, I want to give you an overview of my approach to emergency first aid and medical preparedness. My 3 “quick-start guidelines will help you build your own plan.

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Part 2: Survival Fishing Tactics and Techniques

One of the most ubiquitous images of fishing in our culture is with a rod and reel. It is also called “angling” because of the angle the line forms from the tip of the rod to the fish when hooked up. However, some forms of angling, like cane pole fishing, don’t use reels and are still considered angling.

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Summer's Not Official Yet – But Crises are Already Boiling

Elizabeth Anderson digests the preparedness news you need to know before summer officially arrives. The prognosis is not pretty, but we are confident in our preparedness planning. Are you?

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2 Keys to Summer Fun: How to Prepare

I hope you’re Memorial Day weekend. It’s one of my favorite holidays because it’s filled with two things: honor for those who gave us freedom. And fun, celebrating and enjoying that freedom. In that spirit, let's keep in mind these two friendly reminders. 

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