Survival Scout

A Primer on Volcano Preparedness

We had been observing lots of seismic activity – including hundreds of small earthquakes in Hawaii.

Then, shortly before press time, several fissures of constantly active Kilauea opened, spewing lava and toxic volcanic gasses.

We thought it would be high time to discuss this unique threat.

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Hook, Line and Survival – Learning the Skill of Fishing

Today I want to launch a topic I can’t believe we haven’t covered in our Survival Scouts before: fishing for survival.

It’s something I’ve been doing with my family since I was old enough to stand on my own two feet.

It’s also invaluable as a skill to have in a crisis. I’d like to share my expertise with you over the course of a series of articles, so that you may add this survival skill to your quiver.

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Out In The Ocean & Deep In The Earth, Danger Lurks

Nowhere in our great nation is immune to disasters. I want to contrast two kinds of disasters many are familiar with preparing for. I want to use this contrast to discuss how, if you boil it down to its essence, the preparedness journey follows a similar arc.

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Preparedness Lessons from the Lost in Space Reboot

Today, I wanted to share a few quick thoughts on what this show can teach you and your family about preparedness and survival – without spoilers – so that you can watch the show with your family with a similar lens.

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Preparedness Lessons from the Boy Scouts

Pouring Rain, Howling Wind and a Campfire: Lessons from the Boy Scouts

MPS advisor Grant Miller tells a tale from a recent Boy Scouts’ outing he helped lead. The lessons of getting a simple fire going in tough conditions and what it means for our preparedness journeys.

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