Hard Anodized Aluminum Cookset (6 pieces)

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A non-stick, scratch-resistant and easy to clean cookset! 

This Hard Anodized Aluminum Cookset is constructed with silicone coated swing-out handles. That ensures they remain cool to the touch.

Ideal for go bags, backpacking, camping, RV, and more. Intended for use on gas stoves and heating elements.

This durable set includes one frying pan, three pots, and a unique lid that fits all four pieces. It has drain holes included and silicone knobs, which stay cool to the touch. All components fits together in mesh bag for convenient storage or packs. 

Hard Anodized Aluminum Cookset Features:

  • Lightweight hard anodized finish for durability
  • 50 oz. frying pan
  • 145 oz. pot
  • 88 oz. pot
  • 57 oz. pot
  • 1 lid that fits all pots & frying pan
  • Nylon mess bag carries all components



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