Organic Honeyrock Melon Seeds (1.5g)

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Organic Honey Rock Melon (1.5g) Description:
Grow delicious, sweet Honey Rock Melons in your home garden. This cantaloupe variety is a favorite summertime fruit and makes a wonderful dessert. Start your Honey Rock crop with organic melon seeds from Patriot Seeds. Our seeds are sourced in the USA, 100% heirloom, and certified organic by California Certified Organic Farmers. Using our Non-GMO open-pollinated seeds, you can grow, harvest, and replant your melon crop endlessly. When you"re ready to declare your food independence, buy Patriot Seeds!

Organic Melon: Honey Rock Planting Instructions:
Direct-seed 1 to 2 weeks after the last frost. Plant Honey Rock seeds 1/2 inch deep and in hills with 6 seeds. Space the hills 4 to 6" apart, or 1' apart in rows 5' across. Thin to 2 to 3 plants per hill as the plants mature. If starting indoors before transplanting outside, start seeds 1/2 inch deep in peat pots (2" square or bigger) 2 to 4 weeks before setting them outside. After the soil has warmed, add mulch to help maintain moisture and suppress weeds.

Organic Melon: Honey Rock Harvesting Instructions:

The melon should have a yellowish-orange color and be just slightly soft on the stem end when it is harvested. You can tell that melons are ripe when they pull off the vine with ease. Watch the fruit carefully and harvest daily once they start to ripen. One way to test for ripeness is by "thumping" the melon and listening for a hollow sound. Melons should be refrigerated after harvesting.

Did You Know This About Honey Rock Melon?
Honey Rock Melon is one of the sweetest varieties available. Many people cut Honeyrock Melons in half and eat them with a spoon as a sweet treat.

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