Organic Perkins Long Pod Okra Seeds (2g)

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Organic Perkins Long Pod Okra (2g) Description:
Organic Okra: Perkins Long Pod (2g), Heirloom, Non-GMO seeds grow into healthy green okra, which are high in fiber and helpful for digestion. Full grown "lady fingers" are sources for vitamins A, C, and K, as well as folates, iron, calcium, manganese and magnesium. Declare your food independence with these hardy okra seeds, which are friendly to most growing regions.

Organic Okra Planting Instructions:
Prepare soil by turning under to a depth of 8". Consider soaking okra seeds overnight in mild water to speed up germination. Sow seeds in full sun and average, well-worked soil after threat of frost is gone. Plant 3-4 seeds at 1/4" deep, and 6" apart. Germination to harvest is 60 days. Keep plants well-watered during dry seasons. Rotate seed placements every year to avoid pest and disease.

Organic Okra: Perkins Long Pod Harvesting Instructions:
Harvest Perkins Long Pod Okra every other day to promote regular production. Pick okra pods that are 2-3" in length. Wash and pat dry. Slice pods from the stem just above the cap. If preferred, dry mucus moisture by cutting okra and air drying in the sun for about two hours. Saute, bake, or fry with vegetables and spices.

Did You Know This About Perkins Long Pod Organic Okra?
Okra is a staple in many gumbo dishes. One of the first documented references made about gumbo was in 1803 at the Louisiana gubernatorial reception in New Orleans. Since then, gumbo and okra are synonymous with good, old-fashion, Louisiana cooking.

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