Organic Tangerine Tomato Seeds (250mg)

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Organic Tangerine Tomato (250mg) Description:
Patriot Seeds are certified organic by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF), Non-GMO, of US origin and friendly to most growing regions. Our open-pollinated Tangerine Tomato heirloom seeds produce hefty bright orange tomatoes with a sweet complex flavor that can be grown, harvested and replanted as needed. Packaged and stored in re-sealable triple-layered military-grade Mylar packages for a shelf life of 5 or more years. When you're ready to declare your food independence, buy Patriot Seeds.

Organic Tomato: Tangerine Planting Instructions:
Tangerine Tomato seeds need plenty of light and transplants require full sun to grow well. Consider using a grow light to start. Sow seeds 6-8 weeks before transplanting outside. Sow seeds in warm soil with temperatures between 75-90 F 1/8" deep and 18" apart using flats or cells. Reduce water and fertilizer to harden off plants. Avoid exposure to cold temperatures which can diminish their growth. Allow transplants to grow in temperatures around 70 F with a consistent supply of moisture.

Organic Tomato: Tangerine Harvesting Instructions:
Tangerine Tomatoes are ready for harvest about 68 days after planting. Check the bottoms of tomatoes for ripening and pick when firm and fully colored. Fruit should come off the vines easily. If it does not, use shears to cut the vine. Avoid waiting too long to harvest as this could cause tomatoes to crack open. Continually pick tomatoes to avoid overloading plants.

Did You Know This About Tangerine Tomatoes?
Tomatoes have been widely enjoyed by Native American tribes, however, they did not become a staple in the United States until the mid-1800s.

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