Organic Bailey Pequin Hot Pepper Seeds (250mg)

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Organic Pepper: Hot - Bailey Pequin (250mg) Description:
These Organic Pepper: Hot - Bailey Piquin Seeds are 100% heirloom, non-GMO and contain no hybrids. Bailey Piquin peppers are hot chili peppers that are often used in spices. Fruits are a vibrant red in color and are usually 1/2" wide and less than 1" long. Patriot Seeds are Certified Organic by CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers) and are perfect for long-term storage, making them our top choice for any emergency. With these pepper seeds from Patriot Seeds, you are on your way to declaring your food independence.

Organic Pepper: Hot - Bailey Piquin Planting Instructions:
Sow your Organic Pepper: Hot - Bailey Piquin seeds 1/4" into flats, peat pots or cell packs 8 to 10 weeks before transplanting. Indoor plants should be kept in warm temperatures averaging around 65-70 F with plenty of sun. Transplant outside 2-3 weeks after the last frost. Plants should be sown 2" deep 12-24" apart, in rows 24-36" apart. If placed in raised beds, space rows 14-16" apart. For optimal performance, maintain even moisture and weed regularly.

Organic Pepper: Hot - Bailey Piquin Harvesting Instructions:
Harvest your Organic Hot Bailey Piquin Peppers when fruit is firm, shiny and crisp in texture. Use garden shears to cut the peppers from the plant if peppers have not fallen on their own. These bell peppers can be stored at 50 F at 90 percent humidity. Since they are sensitive to ethylene gas, which makes them age faster, store peppers away from other fruits and vegetables.

Did You Know This About Organic Pepper: Hot - Bailey Piquin?
The Bailey Piquin Pepper, also known as the bird pepper, is a very hot variety. This particular pepper is unique because it often falls off the plant when ripe, which makes for an easy harvest.

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