Organic Champion Radish Seeds (3g)

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Organic Champion Radish (3g) Description:
Known for their slightly bitter flavor, radishes make a crisp addition to fresh salads and other dishes. Grow Organic Champion Radishes in your own garden using 100% heirloom Champion Radish seeds from Patriot Seeds. These seeds are hardy and friendly to most growing regions. Plus, they are certified organic by the USDA and the California Certified Organic Farmers. When you're ready to declare your food independence, buy Patriot Seeds.

Organic Radish: Champion Planting Instructions:
Radishes can be planted in the fall or early spring. Sow the seeds directly outside, about 1" apart and 1/2 inch below the soil surface. Space rows 18"apart. Radishes grow best in cool (50-65 F), moist weather. If you sow in the spring, resume planting in the fall when the weather cools again. Keep soil moist for the best growth and radish quality. Radishes mature quickly, making them a good crop to pair with slower-growing crops, such as other plants in the cabbage family, tomatoes, or squash varieties. Another option is to follow your radish harvest with summer crops such as beans, or those harvested in fall.

Organic Radish: Champion Harvesting Instructions:
It only takes 20-30 days for spring radishes such as the Champion variety to grow. To harvest, pull the whole plant from the ground when the radishes are about an inch in circumference. Radishes do not store well long-term and are best eaten while fresh.

Did You Know This About Champion Radishes?
Each year in Mexico, the Noche de Rabanos (Night of the Radishes) festival is held the day before Christmas Eve. Sculptors use large radishes to create Nativity scenes. Radishes are also a traditional protection against the evil eye.

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