Patriot Seeds Gift Set

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Patriot Seeds are all

100% heirloom. No hybrids or GMOs.

The Patriot Seeds Gift Set includes 1 of each of the following seed collections:

Patriot Seeds Medicinal Herb Garden

Grow your own remedies with 10 different easy-to-grow medicinal herbs

Patriot Seeds Organic Salsa Garden

10 varieties of organic salsa herbs and vegetables to grow your own salsa from scratch

Patriot Seeds Urban Garden

12 Varieties of container-friendly organic seeds perfect for growing in the city

Patriot Seeds Culinary Herb Garden

Home cooks will love being able to grow 8 delicious varieties of fresh organic herbs

Survival Seed Vault

21 varieties for balanced nutrition and survival in a long-term crisis

  • 100% heirloom, non-GMO and non-hybrid
  • Individually-sealed in tripple layer
  • Packed to last 5+ years in storage
  • Open-pollinated and can be grown, harvested and replanted endlessly

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