Emerald Okra Seeds (4g)

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Emerald Okra (4g):
Emerald okra produces spineless pods that stay tender even when large! Sturdy plants grow 5-8' tall and dark-green velvet pods are 6-8" long at harvest. This variety retains its color when cooked or canned! Cut cross sections are perfectly round and resemble little wagon wheels. Average: 55 days.

Detailed planting instructions:
Plant the seeds in full sun and average, well-worked soil once the last frost has passed. To prevent pest and disease problems, rotate the seed placement every year. Before planting, turn the soil under to a depth of 8". Sow 3 to 4 seeds 1/4 inch deep. Thin the seedlings to 12 to 18" apart and keep them well-watered during dry seasons.

Harvest okra pods by picking them from the plant every other day to promote continuous production. The pods are ready for harvest once they are 2 to 3" long. Slice the pods from the stem just above the cap.

Saving Seeds:
Once pods form on your okra plant harvest a few for drying. Keep the pods in a dry location and let nature gradually do the work. When the pod is dry and crisp break it open. You should see several internal chambers where the seeds are located. Remove the seeds onto a plate or paper towel. Save the seeds in a coin envelope, but plastic baggies, jars, and containers can work too. Write the name of the Okra variety and the date on the outside of the envelope so you can keep track of the seeds. Old seeds will lose viability over of time.

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