Herbal Tea Garden Seed Kit (8 packets inside)

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Sorry, due to overwhelming demand, we are sold out of heirloom seeds for the 2020 growing season.

The Patriot Seeds Herbal Tea Garden includes 8 refreshing seed varieties for an all-in-one tea garden. Patriot Seeds Herbal Tea Garden gives tea-lovers a collection of easy-to-grow herbs which can be brewed into refreshing teas. Need a hot drink for an upset stomach or tense nerves? Brew up a cup of Chamomile tea straight from the garden. You can also relive history by brewing up a cup of Wild Bergamot tea, which the early American colonists used as an alternative during the Boston Tea Party. These are just a couple of the teas you can brew out of this tea garden.

Honey may be an effective cough suppressant, says the Mayo Clinic. Pour hot water in a mug, then add an herbal tea bag and 2 tsp. of Patriot Pantry Honey Powder.

The Herbal Tea Garden contains only the highest-quality heirloom herb seeds. Patriot Seeds are 100% Non-GMO, non-hybrid and open pollinated. Then our seeds are individually sealed in re-sealable heavy-duty 4 layer pouches. This allows for longer storage than is typically possible with herb seeds.

As with all of Patriot Seeds™, the Herbal Tea Garden seeds are all

100% heirloom. No hybrids or GMOs.

The Herbal Tea Garden Includes:

  • 8 different varieties of easy-to-grow tea herbs – Now Organic!
  • Resealable, individually-sealed heavy-duty 4 layer seed packets
  • Seeds are open pollinated and can be grown, harvested, and replanted endlessly
  • Seeds will store 5+ years at optimal temperatures
  • Varieties selected are zone-friendly to many areas
Oxygen will degrade herbs over time, so storing your dried tea herbs in airtight containers is best. Glass jars or metal tins with screw top lids work well, as do jars with clamp on lips.

Seed varieties in the The Culinary Herb Garden:

Lemon Balm
250mg / approx. 400 seeds
Wild Bergamot
500mg / approx. 250 seeds
250mg / approx. 200 seeds
Lemon Mint
250mg / approx. 400 seeds
Anise Hyssop
500mg / approx. 120 seeds
500mg / approx. 100 seeds
500mg / approx. 100 seeds
250mg / approx. 245 seeds

Whether you're a seasoned survivalist or simply getting started on the path to preparedness, we sincerely welcome you to the My Patriot Supply family and self-reliance.

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