Organic Burbank Red Slicing Tomato Seeds (250mg)

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Organic Burbank Red Slicing Tomato (250mg) Description:
Our Organic Tomato: Burbank Red Slicing seeds are 100% heirloom, non-GMO and Certified Organic by CCOF. With approximately 80 seeds per pack, you'll be declaring your food independence with Patriot Seeds in bountiful and endless tomato harvests. Seeds are open-pollinated and the deep red tomatoes produced from the Burbank Red Slicing seeds are bold and flavorful in taste, which makes them a good variety for canning. The aptly named tomatoes are also perfect for slicing. Produce averages 3-4 inches in diameter and can be harvested in 75 days.

Organic Tomato: Burbank Red Slicing Planting Instructions:
Sow Burbank Red Slicing tomato seeds into containers with sterile seed mix 6 to 8 weeks before transplanting outdoors. Plant 1/8" deep and 1" apart. Spread propagation over plants and water regularly and lightly to prevent the soil from drying out. Reduce water and fertilizer to harden off tomato plants and transplant once leaves grow 3-4" in diameter. Temperatures outside should range from 60 to 70 F. Plant in an area with plenty of sunlight, spaced 24-36" away from each other in rows 3-4' apart.

Organic Tomato: Burbank Red Slicing Harvesting Instructions:

Burbank Red Slicing tomatoes should be ready to harvest 75 days after planting. Avoid cracked tomatoes by harvesting regularly.

Did You Know This About Burbank Red Slicing Tomato?

"Plant Wizard" Luther Burbank developed the Burbank Red Slicing tomato as well as a form of spineless cactus. He is also known and credited for the creation of the French Fry.

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