Organic Dark Green Zucchini Summer Squash Seeds (7g)

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Organic Dark Green Zucchini Summer Squash Seeds (7g) Description:
Patriot Seeds are certified organic by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF), of US origin, non-GMO and friendly to most growing regions. Our open-pollinated Summer Dark Green Zucchini Squash heirloom seeds quickly produce a constant supply of fruit with excellent flavor and texture that can be grown, harvested and replanted as needed. Packaged and stored in re-sealable triple-layered military-grade Mylar packages for a shelf life of 5 or more years. When you're read to declare your food independence, buy Patriot Seeds.

Organic Dark Green Zucchini Summer Squash Planting Instructions:
Summer Zucchini Squash seeds grow best in warm soil and full sun. They are highly sensitive to frost. Plant seeds two weeks after last frost when the soil is about 70F. Seeds should be planted 2-3" deep in hills or rows. Sow 4-5 seeds per hill or row, about 3-4" apart. When plants are 2-3" tall, be sure to thin to two-three plants per hill.

Organic Squash: Summer - Dark Green Zucchini Harvesting Instructions:
Zucchini Squash grow fast and can be harvested around 56 days after planting. Harvest plants when they are immature, as they grow back quickly. Check garden every other day to harvest additional plants.

Did You Know This About Dark Zucchini Squash?
The name Zucchini comes from the diminutive word "zucca" and was originally developed in Milan, Italy during the 19th century.

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