Organic Delicata Winter Squash Seeds (4g)

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Organic Delicata Winter Squash (4g) Description:
Patriot Seeds are certified organic by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF), of US origin, non-GMO and friendly to most growing regions. Our open-pollinated Winter Delicata Squash heirloom seeds produce cream colored cylindrical squash with green stripes and a mild flavored flesh that can be grown, harvested and replanted as needed. Packaged and stored in re-sealable triple-layered military-grade Mylar packages for a shelf life of 5 or more years. Buy Patriot Seeds and declare your food independence.

Organic Delicata Winter Squash Planting Instructions:
These seeds prefer warm fertile soil, full sun, and are highly sensitive to frost. Sow one-two seeds every 30" and cover with a 1" of fine soil. Firm lightly and keep evenly moist. Keep plants well-watered during dry seasons and use mulch if necessary.

Organic Squash: Winter - Delicata Harvesting Instructions: Winter Delicata Squash are ready for harvest in 90-120 days when they are small and their skins are shiny. Pick squash constantly to promote continuous growth. To remove squash, twist plant until it snaps off.

Did You Know This About Winter Delicata Squash?
First introduced in 1891, the Delicata Squash tastes remarkably like sweet potatoes.

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