Organic French Breakfast Radish Seeds (1g)

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Organic French Breakfast Radish (1g) Description:
Our Organic French Breakfast Radish seeds from Patriot Seeds are hardy and friendly to most growing regions. Patriot Seeds are 100% heirloom, non-GMO, and Certified Organic by CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers). Approximately 105 seeds come in each dried and airtight sealed package, ensuring long-term storage as well several generous harvests. This crunchy vegetable is perfect for snacking and has a mild spicy flavor. The radishes of the French Breakfast variety are often used in salads. When you buy these Organic French Breakfast Radish seeds from Patriot Seeds, you are on your way to declaring your food independence.

Organic French Breakfast Radish Planting Instructions:
Sow seeds into well-worked soil in early spring after the danger of frost has passed. Seeds may be planted again in late summer for fall crops. Plant in rows 6" apart and cover in 1/2" of fine soil. Thin so plants stand 2" apart. Soil should be kept moist and lightly firm. For optimal produce, avoid overwatering and weed regularly.

Organic French Breakfast Radish Harvesting Instructions:
These Organic French Breakfast Radishes can be harvested a mere 25 days after planting. Plants may become pithy if harvest is delayed. Push soil back to see if bulbs are fully formed and taste a couple to check for ripeness. For storage, cut tops off and keep in plastic bags in temperatures ranging from 32-40 F.

Did You Know This About Organic French Breakfast Radish?
Supposedly the name of the French Breakfast Radish came from grocers who ate radishes around midmorning with salt and butter. The radish was first introduced in 1879.

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