Organic Giant Leek Seeds (500mg)

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Organic Giant Leek (500mg) Description:
These Non-GMO winter-hardy giant leek seeds are friendly to most growing areas. Perfect for fall and winter harvest, these leeks provide perfect flavor for robust soups and stews. Seeds are 100% heirloom, certified organic, open-pollinated and can be grown, harvested and replanted endlessly. When you're ready to declare your food independence, buy Patriot Seeds!

Organic Giant Leek Planting Instructions:
Plant in early to late spring for a fall crop. Giant leek seeds grow best in partial to full sun in well-draining soil. Leeks do not grow well where onions were previously planted. Cultivate the land by removing rock, adding organic matter, and loosening soil. Sow seeds 1/2" deep, and 1" apart in rows spaced 18" apart. Firm the soil above the seed and keep soil lightly watered.

Organic Giant Leek Harvesting Instructions:
Giant leeks mature after 90 to 00 days after sowing. Stalks will be 2" in diameter and can reach 8-15" in height. To harvest, pull leeks up from soil and sever roots. Do not pull too hard or you will injure roots. Extend your harvest into winter by firming soil around the plants and layer with mulch.

Did You Know This About Organic Giant Leeks?
Nero, the infamous Roman emperor, had a soft spot for leek soup. He requested it so often, he earned himself the nickname, Porophagus, meaning leek eater.

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