Organic Imperator Carrot Seeds (500mg)

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Organic Imperator Carrot Seeds (500mg):
If you create a mental image of a carrot, chances are the carrot you're thinking of is an Imperator Carrot. This variety grows the classic long, tapered, bright orange roots associated with carrots. Imperator Carrots are a hardy plant friendly to most growing regions. You can start your own crop with organic carrot seeds from Patriot Seeds. Our seeds are 100% heirloom and non-GMO. We source our seeds from the United States and package them in triple-layered, military-grade Mylar, so you can save your seeds for 5+ years. Declare your food independence and grow fresh, healthy carrots at home.

Detailed planting instructions:
Plant Imperator Carrots ½" deep and 2" apart in full sun. Time between planting and harvest is about 75 days. Use well-worked soil for best results. Your carrots will grow best in loose soil that is light. If the soil is too heavy, use compost. Plant the seeds in rows 12" apart and cover lightly with ½" of soil. Gently firm the soil and keep moist. Once the seedlings are 3" tall, thin plants to 2 to 4" apart, depending on the desired carrot sides. Keep the bed weeded and consistently watered during dry seasons.

To make harvesting easier, soak the ground before pulling the carrots up. As you pull the carrot roots up, twist the tops off. After harvest, cut the greens off the top to about ¼ to ½" above the shoulder. If storing carrots for winter, twist off the tops but do not wash the carrots. Layer them in damp sand or sawdust. In warm climates, leave the carrots in the garden during the winter, topped with a thick layer of mulch.

Did You Know?:
Carrots are a super fuel. One pound of Carrots provides an average man with enough energy to raise 64 tons 1 foot off the ground.

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