Organic Long Purple Eggplant Seeds (250mg)

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Organic Long Purple Eggplant (250mg) Description:
Non-hybrid, CCOF Certified Organic, Long Purple eggplant seeds grow healthier eggplants. Patriot Seeds produces long, deep purple eggplants that are rich in phenolic compounds or antioxidants. Our seeds are friendly to most growing regions.

Long Purple Organic Eggplant Planting Instructions:
Begin sowing seeds indoors 6 to 8 weeks before last anticipated frost date. Plant 1/4 inch deep, 4-5" apart in deep flats or cells. Keep soil temperature around 80 F or greater. Transplant vines outdoors, once warm weather returns and soil temperature is around 60 F or greater. Place each plant 18-24" apart in rows that are 30-36" apart. Seeds will germinate within 70- 80 days in full sun. Give each plant about an inch of water per week.

Organic Purple Eggplant Harvesting Instructions:
Harvest eggplants when fruits have full shine and color and are about 8" to 10" long; however, eggplants can be harvested earlier when they around 4- 6". Just don't let them over grow or they become seedy and tough. Check maturity by pressing thumb against skin, if fruit does not spring back it is ready for harvest. Cut stems with pruning shears. Eggplants generally taste bitter, have spongy texture, and are delicious fried and breaded. Try stir-frying eggplants with your favorite vegetables, rices, spices, or meats.

Did You Know This About Long Purple Eggplants?
Eggplant is believed to have been brought back from China and the far east using the famous "Silk Road" around the 6th century A.D. Today, it's often used as a meat substitute in fine restaurants.

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