Organic Oregon Sugar Pod II Pea Seeds (12g)

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Organic Peas: Oregon Sugar Pod II (12g) Description:
Oregon Sugar Pod II Peas are a high-yield pea variety that produces tender and delicious snow peas. Serve the peas as a warm side dish or incorporate the pods into salads or stir-fry. Grow Oregon Sugar Pod II Peas using organic pea seeds from Patriot Seeds. Our heirloom seeds are open-pollinated, so you can grow, harvest, and replant your crops endlessly. You can also store the seeds for 5+ years in their triple-layered, military-grade Mylar packages. Patriot Seeds are non-GMO and certified organic by the USDA and California Certified Organic Farmers.

Organic Peas: Oregon Sugar Pod II Planting Instructions:
Plant the seeds in average soil and in full sun during early spring for your first crop or late summer for a fall crop. Sow the seeds 1" deep and spaced 2" apart, in double rows spaced 6" apart. If growing shorter plants, use a stake for a support. Taller plants will need netting or trellises. Grow time is about 68 days.

Organic Peas: Oregon Sugar Pod II Harvesting Instructions:
You can tell that peas are ready to be harvested when they are round and green with a nice sheen. The best tasting peas will have some wiggle room in the pods. Pick the pods before the plants start to enlarge.

Did You Know This About Oregon Sugar Pod II Peas?

This sweet variety of pea gets its name from its birthplace. The Oregon Sugar Pod II Pea was born and bred on the Oregon State University campus.

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