Organic Small Sugar Pumpkin Seeds (4g)

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Organic Small Sugar Pumpkin Seeds: (4g) Description:
Declare your food independence. Patriot Seeds are certified organic by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF), of US origin and friendly to most growing regions. Our open-pollinated Sugar Small Pumpkin heirloom seeds yield hardy, smooth textured pumpkins with a sweet bright orange flesh that can be grown, harvested and replanted with confidence. Packaged and stored in re-sealable triple-layered military-grade Mylar packages for a shelf life of 5 or more years.

Organic Pumpkin: Sugar Small Planting Instructions:
Sugar Small pumpkins need lots of sun and room to grow. Sow in warm fertile soil after the danger of frost has past. Plant a small group of three-six seeds about 1" deep and 4-6' apart. Seedlings should surface within 7 to 14 days. Thin seedlings to the strongest two-three per group when they are 1-2" high. To grow extra-large pumpkins, allow only one fruit per plant to mature.

Organic Pumpkin: Sugar Small Harvesting Instructions:
Gather Sugar Small pumpkins are ready to harvest in approximately 105 days when the rinds are hard and a rich shade of orange. If a light frost kills the vines, harvest as soon as possible. Remove pumpkins from the vine with pruning shears, leaving about 3" of stem attached. Allow the skin to harden in the sun for about a week.

Did You Know this about Sugar Small Organic Pumpkins?
Sugar Small pumpkins are a sweet, versatile go-to variety. Pumpkins can be used fresh, but also cures and stores well.

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