Organic Snow Crown Cauliflower Seeds (1g)

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Organic Snow Crown Cauliflower (1g) Description:
Snow Crown Cauliflower is friendly to most growing regions and is one of the easiest Cauliflower varieties to grow in a home garden. It provides a sweet and mild flavor, whether eaten raw or cooked. Grow organic cauliflower in your garden using 100% heirloom seeds from Patriot Seeds. Our seeds are Non-GMO and certified organic by the USDA and California Certified Organic Farmers. When you're ready to declare your food independence, buy Patriot Seeds!

Organic Cauliflower: Snow Crown Planting Instructions:
Snow Crown Cauliflower does best in full sun and takes about 50 to 68 days to grow from planting to harvest. Place the seeds directly in the garden in rows spaced 2 to 3' apart, with seeds planted every 2'. Plant a week or 2 before the last frost. If starting indoors to transplant later, plant seeds 4 to 6 weeks before the last frost. Find a location with a lot of sunlight and dig a hole two times the size of your pot. Transplant seedlings by placing them in the ground as deep as the plant was inside of the pot. Refill the soil and press lightly to compact around the plant. Water transplants immediately to settle the soil. To promote faster growth, water Cauliflower regularly.

Organic Cauliflower: Snow Crown Harvesting Instructions:
Harvest Cauliflower when the heads are tightly formed and dense. Cut the head off from the main stem, leaving about 2" of the stem attached to the head itself. For the best flavor, use harvested Cauliflower right away.

Did You Know This About Snow Crown Cauliflower?
Cauliflower has been enjoyed since Ancient Rome. It was a favorite vegetable of King Louis XIV of France, too!

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