Organic Tom Thumb - Butterhead Lettuce Seeds (500mg)

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Organic Tom Thumb - Butterhead Lettuce (500mg) Description:
Tom Thumb Lettuce gets its name from the small heads of greens it produces. This petite variety of lettuce will provide you with great tasting greens for fresh salads. Use organic lettuce seeds from Patriot Seeds to grow your crop of organic Tom Thumb Lettuce. Our seeds are 100% heirloom, non-GMO, and non-hybrid. The seeds come packaged in triple-layered, military-grade Mylar. If stored in these airtight packets, the seeds can be saved for 5+ years. Declare your food independence and grow fresh greens at home.

Organic Lettuce: Butterhead - Tom Thumb Planting Instructions:
Tom Thumb Lettuce does best in full sun, but tolerates partial shade. Direct sow your seeds in early spring or fall. Plant 1/8" deep and 1" apart in rows spaced 12 to 18" apart. Once the plants sprout 2 - 3 true leaves, thin the plants to 12" spacing. Because lettuce grows shallow roots, it is important to avoid disturbing the soil around the plants when you weed. Unless there is regular rainfall, keep the plants watered at least once a week and more frequently during droughts. Use a layer of mulch or compost to help the soil retain moisture. Growing time is about 50 days.

Organic Lettuce: Butterhead - Tom Thumb Harvesting Instructions:
After the head forms, harvest as soon as possible by cutting the head off at 2" above the ground. New leaves will grow from the remaining center. Individual leaves may also be harvested as needed for a continual supply. The earlier you harvest Tom Thumb Lettuce, the more tender the crop will be. The leaves will last for 5 to 7 days if stored in a plastic bag in the refrigerator.

Did You Know This About Tom Thumb Lettuce?
Tom Thumb Lettuce has a high heat tolerance. Few lettuce varieties can tolerate high temperatures. This breed of lettuce produces small heads and tastes creamy and sweet. It's the perfect lettuce for window boxes or indoor containers and makes a cute border plant.

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