Snake Bite Kit

Product Number: Z_SNAKE_BITE
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The Snake Bite Kit is the fastest way to get immediate relief for venomous bites. Using the constrictor/suction method, this kit can potentially save your life.

Each snake bite kit includes simple instructions, three suction cups, tie-off cord and antiseptic swabs. Kits easily store in your home, backpack or car for instant access. 

There are three different suction cups included. Each is shaped to fit different contours of the body, so that no matter where a person might have been bitten, they will be able to get a proper, airtight seal around the wound with the suction cup.

Click here for Instructions and Snake Bite Emergency Procedures

NOTE: Although the fatality rate from snakebite is less than 1% for a treated bite, transportation to a hospital should be done as soon as practical. If the victim must walk, movement should be slow, with frequent stops.

Weight: 1 oz (28 g).

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