Victoria Rhubarb Seeds (1g)

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Victoria Rhubarb (1g):
Easily grown from seed, this variety of rhubarb is sweet and tender. The high quality stalks are long, and never tough or stringy. Rosy red color at the base, fading to green at the tip. Pull stalks from the dirt to harvest, rather than cutting. These plants give heavy yields and can live for 10-15 years!

Planting Instructions:
Plant Rhubarb Swiss Chard seeds in the spring as soon as the ground can be worked. Prepare the bed by turning soil to a depth of 8". Sow seeds about 6" apart and cover with 1/2" of soil in rows 18-24" apart. Thin to 8-12" apart when seedlings are 1-2" tall. Approximately 1" of rain is needed per week. Keep plants well-watered during dry periods to promote growth.

Rhubarb Swiss Chard is ready to harvest in approximately 60 days when plants are 6-8" tall. To eat fresh, harvest leaves when they are 5-6" long, removing from the outer base. Cut off the outer leaves 1 inch above the ground with a sharp knife. Plants that are harvested regularly will continue to produce new growth from the center of the plant. Both the leaves and stalks are edible raw, steamed or saut'ed.

Saving Seeds:
Rhubarb Swiss Chard, like all chard, is a relatively new vegetable that is thought to have first been described in the mid-18th century. It is also known as silver beet, spinach beet, and even spinach in different parts of the world.

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