Orange Energy Drink Mix (63 servings)

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With Ready Hour Orange Energy Drink Mix on hand, your household always has delicious hydration on demand. 

Formulated with your health in mind, our yummy citrus mix packs in essential vitamins A, C, and D. This helps fortify you during an emergency. Vitamin C deficiencies can lead to scurvy - a disease that could be an issue with no fresh produce available. That's why you need a replacement in your supplemental food storage plan, and it's precisely why we developed it. 

Ready Hour Orange Energy Drink provides a burst of energy and a tasty treat when you need it the most. Buy it in our bulk can for daily use and in sealed cans for your emergency survival food supply. This item comes in a big #10 can size, about five times the size of a normal soup can.


  • Discard the oxygen absorber packet immediately after opening.
  • Stir the drink mix before using.
  • To make 1 Cup, combine 3 Tbsp. Drink Mix with 1 Cup cold water.
  • Stir until powder is dissolved and serve over ice.


  • Ultimate convenience
  • Easy to prepare
  • Packed with vitamin C to boost immunity 
  • Great for Recipes
  • Ideal for off-grid use
  • Up to 30-year shelf-life unopened
  • Up to 1-year shelf-life after opening
  • #10 can size, about 5x average soup can
  • Requires no refrigeration
  • Just add water
  • Gluten free
  • Made in the USA


Sugar, citric acid, whey, natural and artificial flavor orange (maltodextrin; natural and artificial flavors, propylene glycol, ammoniated glycyrrhizin, and dl-alpha-tocopherol), sodium citrate, ascorbic acid, nontfat dry milk, yellow #6, vitamin A palmitate, silicon dioxide, vitamin D3, red #40.

Allergen Alert: This product contains dairy.

Click Here to View Nutrition Information.

It's best to store this emergency food in a dry, cool location — a dark area, if possible, at temperatures between 55°F and 70°F. Actual shelf life may vary based on individual storage conditions.

*3.9 gallons of water are needed to prepare entire #10 can. Ships with a weight of 6.3 pounds. Total calories 9,450.

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