Organic Barley Grass Sprouting Seeds (8 ounces)

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Use organic barley seeds for ornamental grass, for juicing or grind for organic barley flour and bread. USDA Certified Organic Whole Barley Grass Sprouting Seeds. Our Organic Barley Seed has an excellent germination rate of 7-10 days for organic barley grass. Grown in the U.S.A. Comes in a 8 ounce pack.

This sprouting grain is less sweet than most, but equally nutritious. It's a potent source of concentrated nutrition.

Barley Grass Sprouting Seeds Features:

  • Spectacular germination rate
  • Certified organic
  • Beer making
  • Food storage
  • Growing barley grass
  • Animal feed
  • Can help treat stomach and colon disorders
  • May help reduce risk of cancer
  • May help lower cholesterol
  • General anti-inflammatory uses
  • Microbial Tested

 Comes in a re-sealable zipper pouch. 

Barley Sprouting Seeds Germination Rate:
Most barley sprouting seeds will maintain a very high germination rate for several years, after which it will begin to decline a bit. However these sprouting seeds are designed by nature to keep for extraordinary lengths of time and still sprout. While each bag is marked with a "best germination rate if used by" date, the seed does not really expire on that date and will sprout for many years, especially if stored properly in a cool place.

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